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Here at WaterPlantAndSoilTesting.com you can order agricultural testing and analysis provided by TP&S Lab, established in 1938 and serving growers and farmers all over the world.

New for 2015! All of our prices have been updated to TPSL Pricing!

TP&S Lab has an all new Testing Catalog with new Pricing Structure for 2015!

To view a catalog of all their available testing and new prices in PDF form,
Click Here to download the PDF Catalog.

When you order your TP&S Lab testing at WaterPlantAndSoilTesting.com, your orderís progress is tracked online, and you are sent an email with each step.

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SoilKits.com was formed in Nov' of 2009 as an ordering solution to TP&S Labís soil return mailer kit. Over the last 4 years we have grown to include Water, Plant & Soil Testing, including Compost, Humate, Manure & Fertilizer.

Yes, weíve grown from SoilKits.com into WaterPlantAndSoilTesting.com, but you can still reach us using the soilkits.com URL, after all - itís easier to type.